StatSeal Disc Keeps Access Sites Dry and Intact
StatSeal Disc
StatSeal Powder Stops External Bleeding From Wounds And Procedures
StatSeal Powder
StatSeal Advanced Powder Seals Arterial Access Sites
StatSeal Advanced Powder

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Seal The Site.  STAT.

With the Family of StatSeal Products That Seals Wounds and Procedural Sites

Photo of StatSeal Powder packagingStatSeal Topical Powder

Stops External Bleeding from Wounds and Procedures.

StatSeal Advanced PackaginStatSeal ADVANCED Powder

A topical hemostatic powder that controls external bleeding from arterial access procedures, hemodialysis maintenance and other diagnostic or interventional procedures.

StatSeal Disc

The groundbreaking technology of StatSeal Powder, now in an easy-to-use compressed powder disc.