StatSeal Disc


StatSeal_disk_RSeal the Site. STAT.


•  Seals access sites
•  Stops bleeding and oozing
•  Keeps access sites dry and intact
•  Minimize dressing changes, a major risk factor for catheter-related infections*

StatSeal is the easy way to seal an access site and avoid unnecessary dressing changes.

StatSeal Disc is made of potassium ferrate and a hydrophilic polymer. The disc is compressed and adhered to medical foam so that it fits securely around a catheter.

StatSeal Disc is available in sizes to fit catheters 1.9 to 14 Fr.

*”Timsit JF, Bouadma L, Ruckly S, et al, Crit Care Med. 2012; 40:1707-1714, ”Dressing Disruption Is a Major Risk Factor for Catheter-Related Infection.”