Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use – Vascular Access Sites

Before applying powder, secure line/catheter near access site.  Movement of the line after powder is applied can disrupt the newly-formed seal.

  1. Pour Powder over site, creating a small pile.
  2. Place PCD around site, pour powder into PCD. Place foam insert may be placed in  center of PCD to cover powder.
  3. Hold continuous pressure for 2 minutes to form seal;  may need to increase hold times as necessary for anticoagulated patients or larger catheters.
  4. If bleeding continues, reapply more powder as necessary and hold manual pressure until bleeding stops.
  5. Cover with transparent dressing following normal protocol; press and form transparent dressing around powder to help contain powder around access site.

Site should remain dry and intact until next scheduled dressing change.  You may feel a slight warming from the powder as it forms the seal.

Instructions for Use – Skin Tears, Avulsions and Other Non-Suturable Wounds

Application includes 1 bottle, 1 Powder Containment Device (PCD) and 1 product description label.

Use of the PCD is optional.  The PCD and foam insert can help contain powder when applied to vertical surfaces.

  1. Clean wound and ensure blood or exudate is present.
  2. Tap bottom of bottle to pour powder directly onto blood or bloody exudate. Cover bleeding area completely.  Occasionally upon application, a temporary warming or stinging sensation is felt.
  3. Apply pressure for 30 seconds to 2 minutes to form the protective seal.  (Do not use gauze to hold pressure because it will adhere to the wound bed, dislodge the seal and cause a rebleed) If bleeding continues, repeat application.
  4. Dress the wound with non-adherent dressing. The protective seal is safe to leave in place until it falls off naturally.

To remove StatSeal:  If StatSeal Powder must be removed, as determined by a healthcare professional, brush away loose powder then wet the seal with sterile water/saline until seal starts loosening from the wound.  Gently scrape off loosened seal with gloved finger.  Repeat as needed.